Motivational Monday: The Next 100 Feet Ahead

There was a beautiful fog this morning that reminded me of San Francisco days. It blanketed the neighborhood with a magical mist that clung almost to the sidewalk.

As I was driving the kids to school, the trees lining the streets appeared only a couple at a time.

This reminded me of how life and all its adversities and blessings unfolds before each and every one of us.

How many of us don’t spend countless hours and days of our lives worrying about what lies ahead? We often can’t see results or goals because they are just around the bend.

Life really is like those tree lined streets shrouded in fog this morning.

We have to have faith that the next pair of trees and the rest of the road are actually there in front of us, even if we can’t see them.

Life unfolds this way. Just remember that this is OK.

You don’t need to see miles ahead necessarily. All you need to know is that the road usually won’t disappear a couple of miles ahead. There won’t be an ominous black hole.

The road will take you where you eventually are intended to be. Trust in that truth.

The fog is beginning to lift even as we speak. Go make the most of this precious day!