What Is The Los Angeles Times Hiding?

America will be electing a President in less than a week.

Polls are tightening by the day. McCain is feeling a second wind. Obama wants us to take a day off to help him in the 11th hour.

And the Los Angeles Times is sitting on a potentially damaging videotape of Obama and refusing to release it.
Why? Because they want to protect their source. Or so says the Times.

But why didn’t the Times have a problem reporting on an embarrassing audiotape of Governor Schwarzenegger in 2006? They ran THAT on the front page!

There is no doubt in my mind that the Times wants Obama elected next week. They recently endorsed him as their candidate (what a SHOCK!). And they don’t want to see the tightening race tip in McCain’s favor.

The tape in question includes Obama praising Rashid Khalidi, an activist with ties to the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Who else was at the 2003 farewell dinner? William Ayers.

We know that Obama has had dubious relationships with questionable figures. What has always been in question is the extent of these relationships.

This videotape could reveal what the American people deserve—the TRUTH.

The Free Press has ceased to exist when a major newspaper refuses to release a tape that could shed light on critical aspects of a candidate’s character. And all within a week of the election. How convenient.

Your grandfather’s generation would be DEMANDING that the Times release this tape before the election. Your grandfather’s generation would be MAD AS HELL that this was being kept from them for arguably partisan reasons.

Is the Los Angeles Times in the business of truthful reporting? Or electing their candidates in elections?

The fact that we even have to ask that question says all we need to know.