Some things you just ASSUME will be around forever. Like death, taxes, and McDonald's.


As chaotically as life changes around us, SOME things HAVE to stay the same.

I just read an article about the abrupt closure of Mother's Cookies.

Never heard of them?

I am sure you have, even if you think you haven't.

Circus Animal cookies. Taffy Sandwich cookies (don't worry, it was vanilla icing, not taffy). And my father-in-law's favorites--the Oatmeal cookies.

I cringe at having to tell him the bad news today. That he will have to make a run of what's left on store shelves to help stave off the ultimate demise of his favorite snack cookies.

Mother's Cookies began as a one-man shop in 1914 and went on to become an Oakland, California tradition for 94 years.

I remember eating these as a child and as recently as a couple of weeks ago. They are delicious cookies and the nostalgia that they were wrapped in was worth the price itself.

I even have memories of my father taking me out to Candlestick Park on Mother's Cookies Day each season to watch the Giants play while I chomped on my sweet delights.

Hopefully someone will buy the company, and if they do, hopefully they will keep the taste and quality and memory alive for my almost 1-year-old daughter to enjoy someday.

At least a bag of Wonder Bread still smells the same as it did when I was growing up in the 1970s. But back then they used to put baseball cards in the bag. I still remember how those cards would smell so heavenly and that smell still makes me happy.

Thank God our collective memories can't go out of business. At least not as long as we nurture them and keep them alive.