Just when I think I can't be surprised and shocked by the ugly underbelly of human behavior, I am.

I just finished watching a video of an altercation at a McDonald's in Los Angeles. Was it a political fight? Self defense?


It was over who was in line first to get their food. Girl vs. man.

When the teenage girl decided to start swearing at him, the man decided the only way to react was to strike her repeatedly in the face.

Certainly the teenager should have shown respect and restraint. But certainly a grown man (who was there with two young children) knows better than to deal with a situation like THIS.

What is WRONG with people? What makes people treat each other like this? And all over who gets to shove JUNK FOOD into their mouths before the other! Now THAT'S life or death!

Here we have a teenager who was never taught to respect their elders, and an adult who was never taught that it's not ok to hit someone (certainly not a young girl!).

While police try to find this man, why don't the rest of us try to find civility.

Believe it or not, we could use civility even more than that Quarter Pounder combo.