Here is another tragic story of a repeat DWI offender. He should have been locked away long before his latest act left a newlywed couple dead after his car launched in the air and landed on top of their SUV.

The 22-year-old culprit, Uriel Perez Palacios, had already committed more crimes by his young age than most of us could in several lifetimes.

But the system kept giving him a break.

Palacios was arrested for drunk driving as recently as June but was released after paying a $500 fine.

He had four outstanding warrants and had led police on two chases.

Oh...and he was driving on a suspended license.

What was this man doing on the streets of Dallas early Monday?

Why did Erika Clouet, second grade teacher, have to die alongside her new husband, German Clouet? Neither one will ever reach their 25th birthdays. Neither one will ever know what a happy life they could have had together.

Their lives were ripped away from them, and their loves one ripped off by their untimely deaths.

The culprit is thankfully being charged with two counts of murder (it is believed to be the first time a local prosecutor has pursued murder charges in a DWI case) and three counts of intoxication assault.

Palacios SHOULD have been put away a long time ago.

Let's hope the system doesn't blow it again.

Lock him up. Throw away the key on this bum. And keep the streets safe for those trying to mind their business and live their lives.

It's the least we can do for people like the Clouets. May they rest in peace and may we all keep them and their families in our prayers.