English: The Universal Language of…Golf?

The LPGA has done what many in America are too afraid to even whisper about—they have required that their member golfers learn and speak English. And if they don’t, they could have their memberships suspended.

Has the reaction been outrage and protests? Nope. The South Korean membership which the new rule is primarily aimed at is…gasp…in AGREEMENT with the rule.

Is the rule meant to be racist or xenophobic? Nope.

It’s meant to be a tool to help these golfers SUCCEED. And the players agree. Being able to communicate in English in the LPGA is a BENEFIT.

As it is in America and the world at large.

“When you win, you should give your speech in English,” said Korean golfer Se Ri Pak.

If English can become the universal language of golf, why not the official language of America and the running of its day to day business?

Maybe our politicians need to hit the golf courses more.

Good going, LPGA. Thanks for setting such a fine example of just how important unity through language truly is.