Yes, the title of this blog IS ridiculous.

But the supposition is correct, is it not? If you really wanted to end ALL highway deaths, the only way you could realistically accomplish that is to get rid if highways. You COULD get rid of cars, I guess. But someone riding a bike or walking on the highway could still get hit and killed.

Why do I bring up this absurd scenario?

Because there is a story today that Scotland is boasting about cutting heart attacks by the HUNDREDS in the first year following its smoking ban.

In fact, heart attacks went down 17% in that first year!

What is the purpose of the report? To justify the ban, of course.

Same way they love doing studies showing that bars and restaurants don't really lose money following smoking bans.

The ends justify the means for these types of people.

Of course heart attacks will go down after criminalizing smoking.

Same way highway deaths will END if you close all highways.

Same way you will stop drunkeness if alcohol were to suddenly disappear.

Sometimes the little inconvenient thing called RIGHTS get in the way of such bans. A REAL inconvenient truth.