San Francisco residents are now safe from the evils of plastic grocery bags.

Or better put, Mother Earth is now safe from these dastardly demons.

Plastic bags already bowed and exited from large supermarkes when the San Francisco ban went into effect six months ago.

But now big drugstores like Rite Aid and Walgreens will be prevented from offering them. Can you imagine this??

Yes, this is one of those "Only in San Francisco" topics, although the trend has started to catch on elsewhere. Soon it will be across the country before we know it.

San Francisco is the city of my birth. I spent the first 24 years of my life there. And it makes me mad that the city chose to rid itself of plastic bags before ridding itself of dirty needles in the city parks. Before getting the drug addicts and winos off the streets. Before controlling graffiti and crime.

Recently while spending the night in our apartment in the City, we heard what sounded like AK-47s going off. But never mind that.

At least the City has gotten rid of a much more dangerous culprit. Plastic bags! Hip, hip, hooray!

Maybe they can ban the Board of Stupervisors next.

Post script: Know what I did last night? I did some MAJOR grocery shopping in a city just outside of San Francisco's Stupidity Sphere and bagged my groceries in DOUBLE LAYERED plastic bags. Even for groceries that weren't all that heavy.

I hope my Mother Earth can forgive me someday.