Anyone who has listened to my show even casually knows I have a fear of swimming.

Probably because I never learned HOW to. It's a long and typical story but my fears were born in childhood and proved hard to shake nearly 40 years later.

That is, until yesterday.

It was 100 degrees plus over the weekend and the kids were having a field day in the pool.

My five-year-old learned to swim yesterday and I marveled at how fast he picked it up. He was literally fearless as he went all the way across to the deep end, with Mommy close by just in case.

After everyone had pretty much wrapped up the evening and gone inside, I decided to face my fears head on. I started by dipping my head under the water. Then I did it without plugging my nose.

Then I realized, before I even knew it, I was swimming.


Then I went from one end of the shallow end to the other. Back and forth. I was out there for more than an hour. I didn't want to come in.

I am already looking forward to going into the pool later and learning some more.

I did something that scared me this weekend. And I overcame a huge, life long fear.

And it felt, and still feels, awesome.

Do something today that scares you. And it will make you feel stronger than you ever thought possible.