It always happens this way.

Just as my masculinity recovers itself, there is something that happens to threaten it once more.

Now there is a list of the Top 10 Unmanliest Drinks In The World.


And you guessed it, yours truly has had more than a few on the list from time to time.

What's wrong with a wine spritzer?? It can get to be 112 in the summer where I live. Let me cool down with a wine spritzer if I want to!

Cranberry juice with vodka? Forget about it.

And if the women from "Sex In The City" drink Cosmos, that means us men should leave them alone. But they are SO GOOD! Why is it that I feel I have to steal a taste from my Better Half when no one is looking?

I can't help it. I love drinks that come with plastic swords and paper umbrellas. They are fruity and refreshing and yummy.

Oh, by the way. The survey also includes ANYTHING with Diet Coke in it. And even WATER.

So no man is safe.

Thank God no one saw me be the only male at a golf tournament fundraiser this week who was drinking Bud Light Lime. I kept the bottle carefully hidden at just the right angle. While the other men indulged in testostore favorites, I was really digging that beer. Fruity. Refreshing. Yummy.

And now if you'll excuse me, I think I will make myself a virgin Apple-tini as I continue with my show prep.