He's turned out to be a lot more than that "crazy old uncle" that Sen. Obama once described... Rev Jeremiah Wright has continued to dog the senator's campaign.

But just exactly how bad of a problem is it?

If you look at the latest Fox News-Opinion Dynamics poll, it reveals troubling news for the Obama Camp.

First, the big numbers: 45 percent of Americans care about the Controversy and 70 percent say it's damaged Obama politically - and that includes more than 6 in 10 democrats and 7 in 10 independents.

Additionally, the poll found nearly half of Americans think Wright's message is anti-white... And a majority thinks it's anti-American. That includes almost half of Democrats - and 42 percent of Independents who Obama will definitely need to win the General Election if he is to get the nomination.

Then there's this: Obama's favorable opinion among Democrats has fallen 10 points in two months: from 73 percent in Feb. to 63 percent in Apr. - which isn't good news.

But the most revealing number may be this: One in five Obama supporters now say the Wright affair makes them less likely to vote for him (20%)... Yet despite this downtrend, Obama remains tied with Clinton nationally and is AHEAD still in the race that really matters ... The race for delegates.

You can watch a package that I did on this for FOXNews.com at www.foxnews.com.

(Kudos to Dana Blanton, Brian Gaffney and Matthew London for their help on this project!)