May I see your ID, please?

We all hear this all day long, don't we?

At the bank. At the hospital. At the car rental agency. When opening up any sort of account.

Even at the video store.

But one place where showing your picture ID has been missing in far too many places for far too long has been the voting booth!

It has always seemed strange to me, but also downright un-American, that you could be able to cast a VOTE and not have to prove you are the person the polling place thinks you are!

I have NEVER been asked to show my ID before voting. NEVER. That goes from local school board elections all the way up to Presidential races. NEVER.

Well, the practice of requiring ID will hopefully become far more common after a reasonable Supreme Court ruling this week that upheld Indiana's voter identification law.

It was refreshing to see one of the more more liberal of the Justices, John Paul Stevens, wrote the opinion of the majority in the 6-3 decision.

I say refreshing because it tends to be leftists in America who are so passionately fighting AGAINST such requirements!

They claim, falsely, that whole segments of our society--the poor, minorities, and the disabled--are being DISENFRANCHISED from voting!

What NONSENSE! NO ONE in this country is being disenfranchised. That is a fighting word that unfortunately most people cannot define accurately.

To disenfranchise someone is to take away their right to vote. NO ONE is having this done to them, except for some people in prison who LOST their right to vote through their own actions.

But no poor person, minority, or diabled person is being kept from voting because they would have to show proper ID.

Can you imagine how insulting such an insinuation is on the FACE of it?? These groups cannot afford or acquire a simple PHOTO ID??

Loudmouth liberals and partisan democrats insist it is a GOP plot to keep people from voting.

The reality is that these politicians and spokespeople ought to give the groups they represent more credit than they do.

Voting is a right that people fought for over a long period of time. Many in the world don't even have the right. They have no say.

We DO.

And isn't that worth having to show a simple ID card for?

If we are willing to show it to rent a silly movie, we should be honored to have to show it to cast a vote in the greatest nation that has ever been.