I finally decided to do it. I jumped back into the wonderful world of magic.

It had been a very long hiatus. My oldest daughter (who is going to be 10 this year) was barely a toddler when I last had frequented my local magic shop.

Last night I performed some new tricks I recently purchased and the look on my children's faces told me I had made the right decision.

Kids need magic. Heck, adults need it, too.

In this fast paced world of ours, there seems to be fewer and fewer things that truly AMAZE us. Are you REALLY amazed by much out there? Mystified??

With all the technical gizmos and video games and modern day amusements that my kids have, I don't remember seeing their jaws drop quite as much as when I pulled an 8-foot beverage straw out of a fast food bag last night.

Now THAT'S magic.

And the beauty of magic performed correctly is that your mind concludes it has just witnessed something that is NOT POSSIBLE.

There is NO way that card could have appeared inside the locked box. There is NO way that the coin could have jumped from spectator to spectator. There is NO way that a woman just got sawed in half and put back together.

And there is CERTAINLY NO WAY that a radio talk show host pulled the biggest straw ever out of an 8 inch deep bag.

Yes. There IS a way.

With magic, there always is.