What is the best way to keep a repeat offender from breaking the law?

Make it so they can’t break the law anymore!

How? By locking them up. For a long time. Maybe forever. Whatever it takes so that they don’t keep preying on innocent people.

I saw a story this week that really angered me about a guy named Freddie Johnson.

This creature has been arrested 53 times, most of the infractions involving the groping of female passengers on the New York subway.

FIFTY THREE TIMES. How many times have YOU been arrested? I have NEVER been arrested.

But I would expect the system to have thrown me AND the key away long before the 53rd arrest.

It is a fact that many crimes are committed by a select group of people over and over and over again. It’s the result of our revolving door justice system.

The good news is that if found guilty in this latest incident, Johnson could go to prison for LIFE.

The bad news is that this registered sex offender got himself in this hot water TWO WEEKS after being released from prison after serving 4 years for persistent sexual abuse!

The bad news is that despite recommendations from the state’s attorney general’s office that Johnson be confined under a recently passed sex offender law because they saw him as a risk, a judge decided electronic monitoring and strict supervision was enough. Apparently, that WASN’T enough, was it?

The bad news is, far too many people had to fall victim to this guy before the system paid attention.

Let’s hope the system doesn’t blow it again.