Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (identified as HRC later) made an unannounced visit to a local favorite watering hole called "Bronko's" in Crown Point, IN last night.

Here's part of our esteemed embedded producer Mosheh Oinounou's note who was there:

HRC stopped by Bronko's, a Valparaiso area restaurant/bar, where she greeted abt 200 patrons. She drank a beer and downed a shot of Crown Royal whiskey. She initially took two sips of the CR shot and about a minute later--then put her head all the way back and took the shot down like a champ.

She then sat down to eat some pizza with local residents and local political officials.

SO... Here's my Question: Does this affect your opinion of her as a candidate?

Personally speaking, it's not a negative in MY book!

(Photo courtesy: SunTimesNewsGroup. Clinton at Bronko's last night.)