Magumbo’s Bumbo

We just bought Baby Magumbo (one of the cute nicknames our 5-year-old gave his baby sister) the most amazing piece of baby gear we have seen in a long time. And after 6 kids, we have seen a LOT.

It’s called a Bumbo and it is deliciously simple. It’s a baby sitter. LITERALLY. It’s a little chair made of a single piece of low density foam material that your baby (from 4 to 14 months according to the product’s website) can sit in upright.

We took it to a restaurant last night and people were looking at it in amazement. No one has ever seen something like this. It looks like the kind of chair dads like sitting in during the Super Bowl! And you know what the sweetest part of it is? She LOVES it!

Babies spend a lot of time standing in activity saucers or laying in baby swings but how often do they get to sit UPRIGHT in their own little Lazy Boy style chair?

The Bumbo is made of the squishy material a lot of jungle gyms are made of these days. They come in a variety of cool colors and are easy as pie to clean. It’s a parent’s dream invention and one of baby’s favorites so far!

The company’s website is if you are interested in checking it out. It retails for $39.99 at stores like Target and even a little less from the above link.

Trust me all you parents out there.

We may not always agree on politics and the news of the world. But believe me when I tell you this product is REALLY cool.

And even if you don’t have a baby of your own, I guarantee you will be REVERED if you give one of these as a gift to someone who does! You might even earn Godparent status for a gift like this!

See? I don’t complain about EVERYTHING. I do like SOME things.

I only wish they made these in my size.