I have been on my new "diet" for a couple of weeks now. I may be down only 4 or 5 pounds, but it's the attitude adjustment that has made the biggest difference so far.

I can actually take the kids to McDonald's and order an Asian Salad with no dressing. Just this weekend, we went to Carl's Jr. and I ordered a side salad with salsa as the only topping. When would I EVER have done that?

Well, it's all the time now.

For the first time in forever, I don't crave junk food and sweets. It's not a part of me anymore. because it is counterproductive to my weight loss and health goals.

So whether you are on a diet or planning to run a marathon or get a promotion at work, ask yourself every step of the way: "Are my actions right now leading me closer or further away from my goal?" And if the answer is anything other than CLOSER, you have to change the action.
You wouldn't feed a championship pure bred dog the junkiest dogfood or let it eat pizza scraps under the table.

Why would you do it to yourself? Physically or mentally?

You are the greatest champion that has ever been. Start treating yourself that way, from the inside out.