I hate the loop. The one at school, I mean. You know? Where kids get dropped off and picked up by caffeine deprived (or poisoned, depending on the day) parents who somehow acquired selective amnesia about driving the moment they pulled into the parking lot?

Whew. It was exhausting just WRITING that last sentence. It's even more mentally fatiguing LIVING it everyday.

What is WRONG with people? Why do they turn into imbeciles like that? Especially since it is a ritual they perform EVERY DAY. It's not like it gets harder with time! It's the SAME THING over and over and over again. Drive up to the FRONT of the line...drop off or pick up your kids as quickly as possible...then drive off again, letting the people behind you (yes, there are OTHER people out there, too) do the same thing. If we were only so lucky to be able to practice something this many times each year, like a sport or a hobby!

But it's not just in the school parking lot or loop that parents have lost their minds and gone completely crazy.

Wait till you see what happens IN the school!

We went to a school Christmas pageant (excuse me...HOLIDAY musical) the other day for our boys. We watched as our 8-year-old sang his heart out on the big stage. And lo and behold, a six foot tall dad walked in front of us as we sat on the gym floor and loomed overhead like the son of Kong. He did everything but rip tiny people out of upper stories and eat them.

What was he THINKING???? Answer: he WASN'T!

Fast forward to this past Tuesday night. The city of High Point, North Carolina hit a LOW point when a verbal argument among parents turned into a physical altercation. You can see the video on the Internet.

It's absolutely SHAMELESS. You can see the look of shock on the faces of the grade school kids who were there just to have a good time.

Instead, their evening was ruined by sophomoric so-called ADULTS losing control. That's a case where the children could have taken the parents outside for a time out. Honestly.

We are losing our civility in this country and it is undeniable. You see it everywhere. Blame whoever or whatever you like for it, but it's happening. And it's so sad to see.

And now if you'll excuse me, there are drivers to be cut off and children to be embarrassed.

Got a PROBLEM with that?!?!