Have you ever tried to buy clothes for a little girl? It's hard to find anything that is halfway decent. Everything is slinky, frilly, or flirty. Sometimes all of the above.

What on earth is our society thinking? What are WE thinking? After all, WE collectively are to blame because SOMEBODY is buying this stuff. Either parents are buying it or the girls are buying it for themselves. I am not sure sometimes which is more reprehensible.

Wal-Mart stores pulled some pink panties marketed to young girls which read on the front "Who needs credit cards..." and on the backside "When you have Santa".

In other words, every girl needs a Sugar Daddy...even young girls who may not even have reached puberty yet.

Why did they pull them? Because some parents are finally stepping up to the plate and saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

This is just a first step. There are still mountains of thong underwear aimed at young grade school girls. Tight belly shirts still abound the malls.

But it's only because parents have become too permissive. Your daughter wants to go to school looking like a slimy Bratz doll? SURE! Let me buy you matching outfits!

Kudos to the parent who protested these perverted panties. We need more just like them. Armies more.


Take a stand. Put your money where your mouth is. And maybe, just maybe, parents will once again be able to find decent clothes for their daughters.