Gas is good.

No, not that kind of gas. The kind that goes into you car. The kind that keeps the world spinning around.

It makes so many things work. And it is so expensive with no relief in sight.

So why not ask Santa for a fill-up at the tank this Christmas? Heck, it beats another dozen socks or a ceramic frog you have no clue what to do with.

WCVB-TV in Boston reports that more and more people are giving the gift of gas. Wouldn't YOU welcome a gas card as a gift? Heck a few years ago it might have made a nice stocking stuffer. Now with prices seemingly climbing all the time, it makes a nice UNDER THE TREE gift.

I don't think most of us stop and consider what it costs to fill up our cars. That is, if we still FILL UP our cars. It is very rare that we fill the tank completely. Usually we'll put in $40 and cross our fingers that it gets us half a tank.

A boston gas station owner is expecting this year a 30% increase in gas card sales.

So if you're debating one of those 9 million gift cards at the checkout stand...give the gift of gas.

They'll love you for it.