Skeptics of Bigfoot, UFOs, and other paranormal phenomenon always like to use the argument: "Where's the photographic proof??"

It's true. Out of the zillions of such eye-witness sightings, few solid and compelling photographs have materialized.

But let me make a point with my own anecdotal example. Sometimes even if you have a camera always handy, you can miss the money shot quite easily.

My Better Half insisted that our baby girl starting smiling several weeks back...when she was barely TWO WEEKS OLD.

Of course, I was skeptical. It just wasn't possible! Babies aren't "supposed" to start smiling till around six weeks, on average.

"It must be gas!" I insisted. Even when some of the kids saw the supposed smile, I couldn't get myself to believe it. I started sounding like Men In Black: "That was a weather balloon you saw, not a UFO."

Well, I have now seen it with my own eyes! And even her doctor was amazed. It is very rare for babies to start smiling THAT young.

Even though between us this is our sixth child, we still run around with a camera around our necks acting like the stereotypical first time parents. We can't take enough pictures of God's little masterpiece.

HUNDREDS of attempts later, STILL no photographic evidence of a smile! She would get stubborn. The camera would get stubborn and freeze up or take forever to snap, always at the worst possible times!

But this finally happened...something more elusive than Bigfoot!

A picture of our smiling baby girl! I made an idiot out of myself and, as usual, it worked!

And this time, Mom was around to snap the picture. I have included it in this blog. Hope it makes YOU smile, too.

And now if you'll excuse me, there is a gigantic serpent like creature in our swimming pool and the camera just finished charging.