It's funny how the little things can really make your day.

As I dropped two of my boys off at school today, a young girl who was volunteering as "loop" monitor (any parent dreads the very idea of getting into this serpentine line of coffee deprived parents dropping and picking their kids up at school) told me to "Have a nice day, sir!" as she closed the car doors.

Wow! This simple little sentence combined with the smile of a happy 3rd grader really kept me on the right foot today.

The last thing I tell my kids when they parachute out of the car is "I love you guys, have a great day!"

What other option is there? Would you want to start your day with any other affirmation?

Maybe, "Hey, Honey! Be sure to have an utterly awful day at the office! Maybe you'll get fired today!"

Or maybe, "Hope you flunk that math test, Sweetheart! Be sure to think about me in detention today!"

No way.

Call me overly peppy today. But you can start your day at one of two places. The right side or the wrong side of the bed.

Which will you pick?