Don't tell the growing Freegan movement that there isn't a free lunch. They won't buy it. LITERALLY!

These individuals won't buy lunch...or any other meal, for that matter. Why buy when you can spurn capitalism and just eat out of a trash can?

And that's exactly what these people do. They forage the inner cities for anything edible that individuals or businesses have thrown away.

We are not talking about homeless people, either, according to an article this week in the Los Angeles Times. If anything, these people are allegedly often middle class and college educated.

That is their whole point. They don't HAVE to eat like the homeless. They CHOOSE to dumpster dive in order to fight the Man, help the planet, and save money all at the same time.

Some of them even pick up old beat up furniture somebody might have left at the curb. Some live in abandoned buildings or with family (whose to say which is worse?).

To each his own. But I don't want them crying to me if they stick their hand into a bag with a syringe or get sick from food poisoning or disease. You wouldn't share a soda with a family member you knew was sick, so how could a sane person take a chance on potentially eating a sick person's leftovers?

Freegans wouldn't find anything worth digging through at our house. Between the dog and me, there isn't much left by the time the trash goes out to the curb.

And now if you'll excuse me. My son left some syrup drenched waffle remnants on his plate. And is that a last sip of cold milk in his glass?

Who could ask for anything more?