Ok. Enough is enough.

I am TIRED of going up to a drive-thru and not being understood. I am TIRED of repeating myself 8 million times just to order a cheeseburger and a soda. I am TIRED of wasting countless HOURS every month trying to make myself clear to people that SHOULD have understood me the FIRST TIME.

So here is what I will do from now on, and maybe you might consider doing the same...

Next time I am at a drive-thru (or inside the eatery, for that matter) and I run into someone who can't speak or understand English very well, I will DEMAND that a manager find me someone who can!

The same way people can gripe at a hospital to get them an interpreter, I will do the same at my local junk food palaces. Or gas stations. Or banks. Or ANYWHERE that doesn't respect the English language.

I am going to do this. Maybe managers will get the picture that this is AMERICA.

Muchas gracias for listening to me rant.