Tag!! You're it!!

Remember those words from childhood? I was ALWAYS being tagged "It" in school.

And believe it or not, I wasn't ALWAYS the unathletic type you now see before you. I could give the kids a pretty good run for their money. I used to do the Ol' Hughes Sneak Attack where I would pretend I didn't know someone was behind me or next to me and then I would NAIL THEM.

And then THEY were "It".

My children luckily have grown to know the joys and frustrations and solid workouts provided by the game of Tag. But our unborn daughter may never even know what it is. To her it may very well end up being "that game that schools banned before I was born because it was too aggressive and competitive".

It's already happening. More and more schools are forbidding students from playing TAG.

The Discovery Canyon Campus school in Colorado Springs, Colorado has now joined the ranks of the political correct institutions that KNOW BETTER.

You see, some kids get harassed by being chased around the playground. Some against their will!

My son complained of kids chasing him in 1st grade last year and my solution was easy when he chose to implement it. DON'T RUN.

It's a diabolically simple solution, isn't it?

"Go ahead!" I would tell him. "Stand perfectly still and let me chase you!"

At first he thought I was NUTS. But lo and behold, it IS physically IMPOSSIBLE to be chased unless you are RUNNING AWAY from whomever is doing the chasing! How can someone chase you if you are just standing there or sitting down?


That is my technique for the students at that Colorado school and at others that are ruining it for all the other kids.

The saddest part in this case is that only a couple of people complained about the ban.

Oh! The school will still allow running games, as long as no one is being chased!!

What will be next? Not guarding someone in basketball because it's too much pressure to have someone in front of you waving their arms and trying to take something from you?

How about LAUGHING during school because a child will mistakenly think the laughter is directed at THEM (as they ALWAYS will)?

Baseball involves swinging a dangerous stick around. Dodgeball (also already largely banned at many schools) involves intentionally trying to smack someone with a large object.

Even MOTHER MAY I? is politically incorrect for all the children who have two Dads!

What is left for the kids to play?

I know, I know! How about a game of laying on the psychiatrist's couch!

Because therapy is exactly what a lot of these innocents will need if we keep stripping childhood away from them.