Congressional Democrats have been thumping their downbeat drums about the war in Iraq for a long time now.

All we have heard from most of them are words like "defeat" and "unwinnable" and "failure". I don't remember hearing such intense negative thinking in my life as I have with this war. Even some Republicans have followed their lead down the path of a negative mental attitude.

Although some Democrats, including some who have had intensely negative opinions from the start, are now admitting that things ARE improving in Iraq. Good for them. They have put truth above partisanship. Too bad it's still a small number of them.

I just finished reading an article about how Congressional Democrat leaders are scrambling to paint the surge as an utter failure. This even at a time when many detractors of the war are swallowing their pride and admitting successes.

Believe it or not, Congressman James Clyburn (the House Whip) acknowledged recently that if the surge IS successful, it might be a "real problem for us". How telling. This is what I have been saying for a long time. Now a key Democrat finally admits it. Success in Iraq is bad for the Democrats.

The Democrats in Congress don't WANT the surge to be successful. They CAN'T have it be. It would mean the unthinkable...that they were wrong and Bush was right.

Never mind that it would ultimately mean GREAT news for our brave military members, the Iraqi military, and the Free World.

If it hurts the Democrats, well, we can't have that.

Even if it could ultimately lead to where we need to get--VICTORY.

The progress in Iraq might not be where any of us wanted it to be in an ideal world. But to downplay and frown at the successes we DO have is unconscionable. And yes, UNPATRIOTIC to say the least. Especially when the sole purpose seems to be to further one's own political agenda.

Let's win this thing. Sorry if that offended some of you.