Target North is somewhere at the end of some very confusing, unmarked roads – but the scenic views of the valleys converging with winding lakes are breath taking.

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate with us. It was rain, rain… and more rain.

We picked up a very pleasant gentleman in tonight’s outing named Rob Lucas who was doing a story on the expedition for the Daily Press.

But after several howling screams by Moneymaker and a few other investigators, the search was called off due to the weather.

Moneymaker said that the conditions were bad and that he rarely has luck making contact with squatches in the rain. And standing there in a downpour getting maulled by mosquitos, I can’t say I blame the squatches for staying home.

Little did we know that the real excitement – and not in a good way – began after we started back to home base.

I guess nature really does have a sense of humor… or revenge.

I think the mosquitos read the blog. Because while  everything I said in the previous entry is true – they took it to a whole new level tonight. Andy and I had no idea 300 of them would sneak into our truck and attack us as we navigated our home way down winding slippery roads.

They were dive-bombing us from every angle and we couldn’t put the windows down due to the storm. So we fought.

We were swatting them, smashing them on the dash and ceiling and doing everything we could not to freak out and end up in a ditch. By the time the battle was over, it was bug guts everywhere. But we are also now covered in bites. We have to tally up the number of bites between us versus the number of squished skeeters in the truck tomorrow morning to see who won.

But there’s one lone hope that some squatches eventually showed tonite – brave Pam stayed behind to stick it out.