We are traveling north looking for the group in logging country. There are no highways, freeways or marked streets here. Just a lot of trees, dirt roads and… allegedly, some sasquatches.

It’s just dawned on us too that coincidentally, we have elected to hunt sasquatches on FRIDAY the 13TH!!

And considering that we are separated from the group, lost miles from civilization, and evening is fast approaching… We may not make it to our rendezvous with the big fellas.

One beast that I have been forgetting to mention that we have been in constant contact with are the UP Mosquitos. These are not your average run of the mill skeeters. They are very large, fearlessly aggressive and heavily populated. Even the thickest coating of Deet spray seems no match for the ones that are the size of small hummingbirds.

The good news is that Andy is eating homemade Fudge and Cornuts for dinner, so it is my hope that tonight the flying terrorists will find Andy much tastier than me.