Today is Friday the 13th. Sorry to remind you, but it is. I know, I know. Your day was going SO well, too, before I had to go and ruin it for you. Now you will trip on the porch steps, step under a ladder, or have your car break down, and it will all be my fault.

So…are you a Paraskevidekatriaphobic? Big word, isn’t it? And very hard to say. But it applies to you if you have a fear of today.

The origins of this fear date back to ancient times and various stories have been passed down. But there is no question that many people will not fly today. They will not get married on this day. They will not make important decisions on this day. And many buildings, if you take the time to notice, don’t even have a “13th floor” button in the elevator.

But is there really any merit to these fears and superstitions? If you were having a great day before reading this commentary, and all of a sudden things go south for you in a hurry, isn’t that just mind over matter? Isn’t that just the classic example of a self fulfilling prophecy?

Great things will happen to you today. Maybe. Maybe not. But don’t ever let a date on the calendar paralyze you the way it does for some. YOU are the captain of this great and wonderful day. YOU are in control of whether it is glorious or painfully awful. It’s your DECISIONS and OUTLOOKS today that will make or break the weekend for you.

So go out and do what needs to be done. Live. Live hard and with purpose. And don’t let a term you can’t even pronounce get the better of you.

The computer I am typing this on just stopped working, but I assure you, it is purely coincidence. Let’s knock on wood and hope so.