On the latest Hemmer Time podcast, Bill Hemmer is joined by FOX News Senior Strategic Analyst, General Jack Keane. The retired Four-Star General explains the events leading up to the killing of Soleimani and more.

This week, Bill brings back an episode sharing some of his favorite holiday memories.

This week, Bill is joined by NSA Chief Robert O’Brien to discuss the latest headlines from around the globe and more.

This week, Bill is joined by KT McFarland, former Deputy National Security Advisor for President Trump.

This week, Bill is joined by FOX's Chief White House Correspondent, John Roberts to discuss the recent impeachment hearings, a day in the life at the White House and more!

This week, Bill is joined by FOX News Foreign Correspondent Benjamin Hall, from the Iraq-Syria border to discuss the raid, that led to the death of ISIS leader.

This week, Bill is joined by FOX’s Chad Pergram to discuss the latest in the past week’s closed door meetings and more!

This week, Bill sits down with Jared Max,and Lawrence Jones for a lively debate on CA's new law allowing college athletes to be paid.

Bill sits down with FOX News Channel Correspondent, Peter Doocy who has been following the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates around the country.

This week, Bill sat down with Mollie Hemingway to discuss her new book, "Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court."

Bill and Gordon Chang sit down for part two of this interview, to discuss nuclear tensions between the U.S. and North Korea.

This week, Bill sat down with China expert, Gordon Chang to discuss the ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China.

This week, Bill sat down with  Mike Massamino, former NASA Astronaut and Senior Advisor of space programs at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.

This week, Congressman Nunes discusses what he plans to ask former Special Counsel Robert Mueller during his testimony on Capitol Hill next week.

Bill is away recharging this week, so we're reaching into the vault to revisit a segment Bill used to do called 22 Questions!

This week, Bill sat down with Kim Strassel from the Wall Street Journal about investigating the investigators and more!

Bill was joined by FOX Senior Capitol Hill Producer Chad Pergram to discuss Special Counsel Robert Mueller's recent statements and steps Democrats are making towards impeachment proceedings.

Bill Hemmer sits down in an exclusive interview with U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr in El Salvador.

This week, Bill sat down with former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy to discuss what's next after AG Bill Barr's testimony on Capitol Hill.

Former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey thinks the most important question to come out of the Mueller probe is “what took so long on collusion?”

Bill Hemmer sat down with former House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) discusses the Mueller probe and more!

This week, Bill sat down with former Major League Pitcher Al Leiter to talk legal sports betting on opening day of baseball season.

This week, Bill was joined by Veronica Verakova, Goodwill Ambassador for the African Wildlife Foundation and former Sports Illustrated model.

This week, Bill sat down with New York Times bestselling author, Adam Alter to discuss how to make your smartphone, a dumb phone, why more people are starting to resist technology and more.