Florida Republican Congresswoman Kat Cammack joins Fox Across America With guest host Joe Concha to share her thoughts on the recent barrage of questions the White House has faced about President Biden’s cognitive decline.

“You know, there’s always going to be talk right now about the 25th Amendment and invoking that. But, you know, I just am so for the first time ever, happy about the fact that the press is actually starting to cover this and ask tough questions. And the best that KJP can come back with is, my bad. And let us not forget that immediately in the aftermath of this debate, it was, oh, he has a cold. But then when pressed, okay, well, if he has a cold, then why was he going to waffle House after the debate and shaking hands with everyone? Oh, it wasn’t because he had a cold. It was he was jetlagged. I’ve never known anyone to have jet lag a week after returning. It’s crazy. So these press briefings are going to start causing more harm than good. And I hope that the press does their job for once in actually covering this in a honest and down the middle way, because there can be no question in anyone’s mind that he is fit to serve or would be even capable of serving another four years. And so the questions then need to start being had about, well, is the vice president in a position to step up and ready to lead? Her polling is worse than Joe Biden. I mean, that’s exceptionally telling.”

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