Karl Rove Breaks Down “The Only Thing That Matters” When Picking a VP

Karl Rove, Former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush, Author of The Triumph of William McKinley, Wall Street Journal Columnist, and Fox News Contributor, joined the Guy Benson Show today to break down the possible candidates to be Trump’s VP running mate. Rove breaks down who might and might not be good options for the role, including J.D. Vance, Gov. Burgum, and more! Rove and Benson also discuss the possible plot to remove Biden as the Democrat candidate for president, and you can listen to the full break down from today’s Guy Benson Show below.

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Karl Rove had this to say on the biggest factor in Trump’s VP pick:

“What is needed is somebody who can help unite the party. But most important of all, causes people to say that person could be president of the United States if something bad happened to President Trump. And what would happen is exactly what happened in 1980 when when Ronald Reagan said, I’m going to pick the guy who was my principle contender. So you got to know him a little bit. And he was ambassador to the U.N., director of the Central Intelligence Agency, ambassador to China, respected member of Congress, had a successful career in business. What happened? Reagan’s numbers for competence and leadership went up. On the other hand, McCain picked Sarah Palin and his numbers on leadership go down. That’s the only thing that really matters. How do they view you, the guy at the top of the ticket after you’ve made a decision about your number two?”