Pennsylvania Republican Congressman Dan Meuser joins Fox Across America With guest host Joe Concha to give his take on the internal strife that’s been happening in the Democratic Party since President Biden’s disastrous debate performance late last month.

“The curtain was pulled back. Everyone saw Biden for who he is. I mean, they were engaged, you know, talk about Nixon. There was a cover up there. This was a huge cover up on his cognitive abilities, I mean, he’s got aging, dementia, if you will. I mean, that’s a term, and it’s a diagnosis. And we see, Biden virtually in a daze. He made a trip into Pennsylvania, and you almost felt sorry for him, walking around a church, looking up in the air, getting distracted. Clearly in the debate, he was not able to focus, could barely complete two sentences and, you know, just lost his way on a regular basis. And now the Democrats are in desperation mode, so they’re trying to figure out what to do. There was serious, significant pushback, initially. I mean, each day there were more, members and senators and , so-called newscasters coming out and questioning them. I mean, heck, even, George Stephanopoulos couldn’t help himself in asking some hard questions.”

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