Dr. Casey Means, co-author of the #1 New York Times Best Selling book “Good Energy: The Surprising Connection Between Metabolism And Limitless Health” joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss how we spend 4.3 trillion on healthcare while Americans are getting sicker, with life expectancy going down because of metabolic dysfunction tied to food and lifestyle. Casey sounded the alarm that life expectancy is going down in the United States, the longest period of decline of health since the 1860’s, and it is not because of the pandemic. Casey says life expectancy is dropping as 93% of American adults now have metabolic dysfunction tied to food and lifestyle based on our toxic food system, our sedentary lifestyle, our poor habits. This will be the first year in history America is expected to have over 2 million new cases of cancer and Casey points out that despite throwing money at cancer research, cancer rates are going up because we focus on treating cancer after it develops while virtually spending $0 on cancer prevention. Casey wants people to understand the financial incentives of our healthcare system that makes more money when patients are sick and less money when patients are healthy. Turning to Ozempic, Casey calls it a band aid and takes issue with their patent company, Novo Nordisk, which is based in Denmark, and has surpassed Louis Vuitton to become the largest company in Europe and are profiting off the broken health care and food system in the United States. Means warns of the all-out effort to classify obesity as a genetic disease. Casey explains if that happens, Ozempic is covered by insurance, leading Medicare to start covering this for overweight and obesity, and we will be essentially funneling potentially hundreds of billions, if not eventually trillions of dollars every year, from the U.S. to a Danish company to basically put a Band-Aid on a problem caused by our broken system. Casey took issue with Johann Hari saying on The Brian Kilmeade Show that while Ozempic has problems we have two choices, deal with the consequence of obesity or deal with the consequence of the drug. Casey said “We actually have a third choice, Johann. We can actually just eat real food and clean up our environment, and our bodies will naturally become a healthy weight.” Casey added, “We have more than two choices in this and unfortunately, because there’s so little incentive for doctors to talk to patients about healthy food and lifestyle, and we’re so laser focused on pharmaceuticals.”

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