(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) joined Brian Kilmeade and discussed the fallout for President Biden after his poor debate performance. Cramer is surprised that democrats are surprised about Biden’s poor debate performance after they have been defending him from criticism over his cognitive ability. Cramer believes we are less safe today than a week ago after seeing President Biden at the debate. Cramer worries that our enemies, if they are going to strike, are thinking they should do so in the course of the next several months because it looks like Donald Trump is going to be our next president. Cramer also discussed the potential Vice President candidates. Cramer believes North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum has a similar political philosophy and experiences in business as Trump. Cramer said where Burgum is different is he is not prone to drama and is a very cerebral guy who goes deep into the weeds on the issues, something he feels is a good counterbalance to the big personality of Donald Trump. Plus, Cramer on the potential democrat inter-party fight four months before the election, and how that would involve maybe throwing out Vice President Harris, a black woman, a woman of color, in favor of possibly Gavin Newsom.