Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH) spoke to Brian Kilmeade about ramifications of President Biden’s debate performance. Sununu said the Democrats have no other options than to go with President Biden as their nominee because they missed their chance to have a real democrat primary process and move Biden out because none of them had the courage to do it and now they are paying the price. Sununu says the scariest part of the debate that needs to be addressed is Biden’s ability to make moment to moment decisions. Sununu feels this exposed our vulnerabilities today and God forbid there is a terrorist attack that is something that has to be addressed and is why a lot of our allies are panicking across the world today. On Donald Trump’s potential Vice President pick, Sununu says it will no doubt be a governor, Doug Burgum or someone like Glenn Youngkin or pretty much any governor, at this point would be would be terrific as long as they haven’t shot any puppies.