Pennsylvania Republican Congressman Dan Meuser joins Fox Across America With guest host Todd Piro to shed light on some of the issues he has with the $95 billion foreign aid package the House will likely be voting on over the weekend.

“I’m not sure if everyone’s looking at this in the manner that I am. Meaning, I do think related to the Ukraine, you know, Biden’s certainly for it. And look, he said from the very beginning, all in, whatever that’s supposed to mean, you know, just writing a blank check on behalf of the American taxpayer. And that’s a really bad strategy on any issue, as it is here. So I think you can probably get most Democrats, if not all, and you’ll get enough Republicans, I think, to put it over the top. And I’m not all that happy about that because it’s important, it matters, we want to support Ukraine, but frankly, not in this manner. And even the Israel bill, has $8.5 billion, towards to Israel for things like missile defense, for the Iron Dome, for David’s Sling, for the things that I’m favorable to without a doubt that our allies Israel need and I want to support Israel. But I’m very troubled by this $9.1 billion of humanitarian aid that’s going to the USAID for international disaster assistance that, frankly, can go anywhere. And I fear this might be directed by the Biden White House to Gaza. And frankly, you know, potentially into the hands of Hamas. So I got real struggles with this one, too.”

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