Avian Flu Cases In Texas Causes Health & Supply Chain Concerns

Concerns are on the rise for cattle and poultry populations, as Texas and Kansas have seen outbreaks of the avian flu in recent weeks. On Monday it was announced that the first person in Texas was infected with the flu, after coming into contact with cattle that was presumed to be infected. Clinical Associate Professor of Dairy Cattle Production at Texas A&M Dr. Michael Kleinhenz joins the Rundown to discuss how the avian flu is transmitted between animal populations, what impact it has on production, and what concerns he has about transmission into humans.

James Patterson has written everything from romance to non-fiction and children’s books, with over 100 novels appearing on The New York Times Best Seller list, making him one of the most popular authors of all time. Patterson’s latest novel, Number One Lawyer, is a murder mystery he penned with the help of former prosecutor and author Nancy Allen, chronicling a small-town lawyer accused of killing his wife. Although most of the crimes he writes about are solved, Patterson joins the Rundown to discuss his new FOX Nation special Unsolved with James Patterson, which highlights three separate murder cases that remain open to this day.

Plus, commentary by National Security Expert, Dr. Rebecca Grant.