Charly Arnolt Asks For What She Wants

Jason sits down with the former moderator of ESPN’s First Take and the Host of ‘Outkick The Morning,‘ Charly Arnolt. They discuss how her upbringing influenced her passion for journalism and her career trajectory from a local to a national television station. Charly reveals a telling anecdote about the importance of not being afraid to ask for what you want. She also shares how her show on Outkick helps her adapt to the evolving media landscape.

Later, Jason analyzes the collapse of the Francis Key Scott bridge and Ronna McDaniel’s terminated contract at MSNBC.  

Bring On The Stupid: The Biden Administration’s decision to contract with an outside group that specializes in restorative justice for sex crimes whose “owner” advocates for abolishing the sex offender registry for the Pentagon’s rape prevention office. 

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