GOP Set Sights On Flippable Senate Seats In 2024

Ahead of Election Day, Republicans have been campaigning hard to keep hold of their slim majority in the House. On top of their mission to keep House control and place former President Trump back in the White House, they’ve set their sights on a loftier goal: winning back the Senate majority. Democrats currently control the Senate by a two-seat majority, but come voting day, 23 Democratic seats will be up for grabs (including independent Senators Bernie Sanders and Angus King). Director of the FOX News Decision Desk, Arnon Miskin, joins the Rundown to break down which states are forecast to have tight senate races, why certain candidates are particularly vulnerable this campaign season, and how these contests will impact the balance of power in Washington.

A record number of Americans are hitting retirement age. More than 4 million baby boomers are turning 65, with projections showing this number to continue rising through 2027. America’s “Silver Tsunami” has prompted fresh concerns about whether there are enough younger workers to fill the vacuum and if massive programs like Medicare and Social Security can be sustained amid this exploding 65+ demographic. Trump campaign economic adviser and economist at the Heritage Foundation, Steve Moore, says the implications of the “silver tsunami” promise to cause “real financial stress.” He breaks down whether America is equipped to deal with the labor force and its health care repercussions.

Plus, commentary from the host of OutKick’s Tomi Lahren is Fearless, Tomi Lahren.