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Jason In The House – The Jason Chaffetz Podcast

There is always someone doing something stupid somewhere. Dive deeper than the headlines and the party lines, as Jason Chaffetz takes on American life, politics, and entertainment. Join the former Chair of the House Oversight Committee, FOX News Contributor and two-time New York Times Best Selling Author every Wednesday as he sheds light on the news and makes some predictions along the way. You never know who will drop in.

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On this episode, Jason talks about his big concern for President Biden's perception of reality. 

On this episode, Jason breaks down his recent op-ed article Weaponized Justice Department's double standard – one rule of law for Democrats, another for Republicans.

Jason sits down with Host of the Guy Benson Show on FOX News Talk, Guy Benson, to talk about how he followed his passion for politics to a career he loves.

On this episode, Jason shares his thoughts on enforcing mask mandates and then brings on the stupid by revisiting the topic of President Biden seen walking through a restaurant without a mask despite the state's mask mandate.

On this episode, Jason discusses how the U.S. is taking steps backwards in our approach to energy and the ability to pursue viable energy products.

This week, Jason is joined by former South Carolina Congressman, host of Sunday Night in America on the FOX News Channel, and host of The Trey Gowdy Podcast, Trey Gowdy.  

On this episode, Jason questions loans that were given to an art gallery that is associated with Hunter Biden and questions the need of over $580,000 in COVID loans with just two employees.

This week, Jason sits down with first-term Congresswoman Ashley Hinson (R-IA) to discuss how she went from being a TV anchor in Iowa to a rising star in the Republican party.

This week, Jason sits down with former U.S. Congressman and Fox News Contributor Sean Duffy and “Fox and Friends Weekend” Co-Host Rachel Campos-Duffy.

This week, Jason is joined by U.S. Army Reserve officer and doctor of podiatric medicine Representative Brad Wenstrup (R-OH). Listen now!

On this episode, Jason is joined by the host of “Fox Across America” on Fox News Radio, Jimmy Failla.

Jason is joined by former U.S. Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill, who discusses his experience with SEAL Team Six and being part of the 2011 mission that killed Usama bin Laden.