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Jason In The House – The Jason Chaffetz Podcast

There is always someone doing something stupid somewhere. Dive deeper than the headlines and the party lines, as Jason Chaffetz takes on American life, politics, and entertainment. Join the former Chair of the House Oversight Committee, FOX News Contributor and two-time New York Times Best Selling Author every Wednesday as he sheds light on the news and makes some predictions along the way. You never know who will drop in.

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Jason sits down with the Host of The Next Revolution on the FOX News Channel, Steve Hilton.

Jason sits down with FOX Business Anchor and Correspondent, Ashley Webster to discuss his career reporting global news. 

Later, Jason sits down with former Senior Advisor to President Trump, Jared Kushner to discuss his memoir Breaking History.

 Jason sits down with the FOX News Contributor, Host of The Proud American Podcast, and former Marine Bomb Technician, Joey Jones.

Jason sits down with the Host of The Jason Rantz Show, Jason Rantz.

Jason sits down with the Founder & President of Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk to discuss how he’s become the voice of a new generation of Conservatives.

Jason sits down with the Co-Host of FOX & Friends First, Todd Piro to discuss his career climb from FOX News intern to FOX News morning show Co-Host.

This week Jason revisits his thoughts from this past March on President Biden's public response to the Russian-led invasion in Ukraine.

Jason sits down with Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb.

Jason sits down with the CEO of the American Legislative Exchange Council, Lisa Nelson.

Jason sits down with criminal & civil trial attorney and FOX News Contributor, Ted Williams.

Jason sits down with former Idaho Congressman (R) and current Republican nominee for Idaho Attorney General Raúl Labrador to chat about his life story and the current state of American politics.