New Jersey Democratic Governor Phil Murphy joins Fox Across America With guest host Harry Hurley to give his take on the probability of MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey being selected as the venue for the 2026 FIFA World Cup Final.

“I’d say 50/50, on the World Cup Final. We are clearly with New York City, one of the hosts. So we’ll have my guess is a good eight games. Think about that for a second. Over six weeks, basically eight Super Bowls, 80,000 we’ll sell every ticket to every game in New Jersey. There’s just no doubt about that. And based on what we know at least, it’s MetLife versus AT&T. We think we’ve got the better case to be made. You know, as I say, we’re with New York City. So you point to the fact it’s the global city of New York, the biggest media market in the world, huge soccer, passion, diversity, facilities are first rate. I like the hand we’re playing, but I still think it’s a coin flip.”

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