New Jersey Republican Congressman Jeff Van Drew joins Fox Across America With guest host Harry Hurley to share his thoughts on the Biden administration’s approach to the temporary cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.

“We’re in a weak position right now. So, you know, and they know it. I mean, look, they’re using this time to regroup, refinance, rearm and reorganize. There’s no question about it. And they know because we are a compassionate people, Israel and the United States, that we care about these hostages. And quite frankly, we also care about innocent Palestinians too, which they don’t. They use them as fodder. They put them up front just to try to make the Israeli soldiers look bad. So we’re in a difficult situation because you do want to get the hostages back and we’re willing to do almost anything to do it. But believe me, more men and women are going to die in the future who are fighting it out there on the ground because of this. Again, Iran is behind this. We knew they would be an exporter of terrorism. They are a tremendous enemy. You know, last night I was privy we were pretty much locked away in a soundproof room because we’re discussing FISA on the Judiciary Committee and the Intel Committee because both are involved with this. I cannot go into the details of that. But as we know, this was misused and the FBI was actually investigating Americans. So we need to be able to investigate people when they’re involved with terrorism? Yes, but we have to make sure it’s not misused. And that’s what we’re trying to do, you know, through legislation.”

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