Fox News Medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel joins Fox Across America With guest host Harry Hurley to discuss whether we should be concerned about the sudden rise in respiratory illnesses in China.

“I think there’s an alternative explanation here, which is that China and the Netherlands both are late at relieving lockdowns. That lockdown strategy, that shutdown strategy, their closure strategy was in place in China all the way until the end of 2022 and all the way till February or even into the spring in Netherlands of 2022, when we had already moved past that policy. Now, that’s why last year at this time we had the same issue of a flood of respiratory viruses that both of these countries are having now. Why does this happen? Because your immune system isn’t used to seeing these viruses. If you’ve been isolated from other people, if you’re not communing the way you were, we get exposed to viruses every single day. Our children, too, especially our children, do the way they play together when they’re not being restricted. And so the immune system is alert to viruses and it reacts fast. But now in those two countries, with basically the lockdowns removed, all the shutdowns removed, they’re more susceptible to getting hit with a virus they haven’t seen in a while. And the immune system pauses before reacting. That’s one explanation.”

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