For collegiate women, joining a sorority offers the possibility of philanthropy, sisterhood, and community. This was especially true at Florida State University, where the young women of Chi Omega had a strong bond with one another. Nights at the sorority house often felt like a slumber party, as girls gathered together to gossip, paint each other’s nails, and borrow clothes. However, that sacred sense of safety and community was broken one January night in 1978, when a monster attacked.

Author and motivational speaker Kathy Kleiner shares the story of how she survived an attack from Ted Bundy at the Chi Omega sorority house and discusses the impact the nightmare had on her life. Later, she describes testifying at Bundy’s trial and coming face-to-face with the murderer who killed her friends.

In her book, A Light in the Dark: Surviving More than Ted Bundy, Kathy Kleiner details how she survived lupus, Ted Bundy, an armed robbery, and even breast cancer. She spreads her message of hope and light to others dealing with trauma.

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