Big Brother is Tracking your Calls

Did you know Big Brother could be tracking your phone calls and invading your privacy…

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After 9/11 the government used the excuse of “homeland security” to amp up its surveillance efforts on American citizens and guess what, it’s still happening.

Did you know that the telecom network AT&T has been working in conjunction with federal, state and local government agencies to collect, track, and analyze more than a TRILLION domestic phone records with the US each year?!

Well, you do now.

This little-known surveillance program is called Data Analytical Services (DAS) and allows law enforcement agencies to access records of calls that use AT&T’s infrastructure- and not just criminals or suspects, either.

This DAS program includes records of phone numbers, dates, times, durations and locations of calls as well as names AND addresses of the users.

Not only does this go against the USA Freedom Act, the program also operates without judicial oversight.

Big Brother Government strikes again!

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