Border Patrol Agents and the Pronoun Police

Border Patrol agents are inundated with illegals but the real concern, not terrorism, not human trafficking or drug trafficking, but pronouns. Yes, pronouns.

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More illegals have flooded into this country since Biden took office than the populations of 38 individual states. Last week the Tucson sector reported 15,000 illegal crossings, the highest weekly total ever.

So what is our president doing to stop the surge? Nothing! BUT he is working hard to ensure that the people who have no legal right to be here are not “misgendered” by border agents!

Biden’s DHS has issued official guidance to CBP agents to be sure to ask the illegals what their preferred pronouns are and to be sure to use only gender neutral language on the job.

A copy of this memo was released thanks to Heritage Foundation oversight. It’s titled “Guide to Facilitating Effective Communication with Individuals who Identify as LGBTQI+”

Another aspect of this directive demands that agents not assume the gender of any of the illegals they encounter and to avoid using words like “”Mr,” “Mrs,” “sir” or “ma’am.”

Because heaven forbid our agents- whose sworn duty it is to protect and defend our nation- accidentally misgender a person who has no legal right to be here at all!

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