Former New York Congressman Lee Zeldin joins Fox Across America With guest host Jason Chaffetz to give his take on the alarming amount of anti-Israel demonstrations, some of which involving violence, that we’ve seen throughout the U.S. over the past month.

“This isn’t protected First Amendment speech. These people are physically damaging property. They are physically bullying and touching others. And we saw it at Cooper Union where the Jewish students were forced to stay inside of that building. It happened a couple states over at Harvard, where we saw the video of the Jewish student getting pushed around, including an editor of the Harvard Law Review. This is something that, beyond holding these people accountable, arresting them for the crimes that are committed. If any of them are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents, if they’re here on some visa or they’re just here outright illegally, we should be working with federal authorities to get these people removed from the country. We don’t want them here. There’s no reason for us to allow any Hamas sympathizer who is here on a visa or here illegally to be allowed to stay. So we just have to get smarter and tougher and stop with the moral equivocation. We’re seeing it right now on the college campuses with these administrators and faculty. You know, I heard a Jewish student went to faculty because of feeling threatened based off of something serious that was going on on campus. And the response, instead of actually getting the help that that student was looking for, the faculty member told the student that they should go see a therapist. Like, this is not the right answer right now.”

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