Pennsylvania Republican Congressman Dan Meuser joins Fox Across America With guest host Jason Chaffetz to share his personal experience with Washington D.C.’s out of control crime epidemic.

“Yesterday morning, I started with my car getting broken into it. Crime in Washington’s out of control. It was just sitting in the same spot as it is every morning in the Navy Yard, about half a mile from the Capitol. And it turned out that the police saw them in the act, they didn’t catch them. They ran off, but as they were in the act. So they just broke through my windows and didn’t really steal much. They didn’t have much time. But last night, I discovered that they did steal my cigars. So they did get away with that, maybe about five or $6. But yeah, they smashed my windows up pretty well, so it cost me about 600 bucks. But, you know, the crime in the city is awful. I mean, you wouldn’t believe how many of my staffers were actually held up over the last three or four years at gunpoint. Literally at gunpoint. I think it was four of my staff. That’s almost half. So we’re going to be working on some crime bills. But yeah, staffers who live around here and walk and spend a lot of time, it’s justĀ  dangerous. You know, I’ve got a daughter over at George Washington, that concerns me but so there’s a lot going on, a lot is deteriorated, frankly, during the Biden years. I think that’s an objective thing to say.”

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