Ari Fleischer on if Foreign Citizens Should Be Removed from America if Participating in Antisemitism: “Hell Yes”

Ari Fleischer, Former WH Press Secretary, Fox News Contributor,  President of Ari Fleischer communications, and author of SUPPRESSION, DECEPTION, SNOBBERY, AND BIAS: Why the Press Gets So Much Wrong–And Just Doesn’t Care, joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the latest dodging of questions by KJP about pro-Hamas demonstrators and poster rippers in the United States. Fleischer also discussed the latest on antisemitism from across the country, and he shared a harrowing story of some of the antisemitism he personally experienced growing up. He discussed why it is important that Jewish people continue to stand up against antisemitism, and why it is the responsibility of Americans to stand alongside the Jewish people. Listen to the full interview below.

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Fleischer had this to say on the role of communities to stand alongside the Jewish people:

“The lesson is that schools and police and administrators and people of goodwill need to stand with the Jewish students and with Israel. And the Jewish people in this country need to stand tall and never let anybody back us down anywhere, ever tell us to go through a back door. We will walk through the front door. And it is the responsibility of those in society, particularly on campuses, to make sure that front door is safe.”